March to Protect the Clean Air Act

Yesterday we had a glorious march to Senator Brown’s (and Senator Kerry’s) offices to call for protection of the Clean Air Act and to deliver letters and petitions from constituents. Paint Brown Green was a proud co-host of this march. Here’s a write up:

More than fifty activists protested the proposed gutting of the Clean Air Act on Thursday, April 1st 2010 in Boston. Representatives of One Sky, United For Justice, Global Warming Education Network, Paint Brown Green, The Boston Climate Action Network and met in front of Government Center and marched to Senator Brown and Senator Kerry’s offices, carrying letters and petitions from constituents.

4 pieces of coal call for clean energy

Rallying outside Senator Brown's Boston office

As a delegation of five activists went in to meet with aides to the senators, the rest of the crowd continued calling for climate action. “We’re not being funny, you can’t breat

he money!” they chanted in unison. Once inside Senator Brown’s office, the delegation met with his Director of Constituent Services, Lydia Goldblatt.

“We told her that it was important for Senator Brown to resist attempts to weaken provisions in the Clean Air Act that would restrict the EPA’s authority to regulate CO2 emissions. Her response was that she would pass the information along to Senator Brown,” explained delegate Roger Shamel, director of the Global Warming Education Network.

When delegates met with Senator Kerry’s aides, they found them very responsive. “We were waiting outside, chanting and stuff, when the aides actually came out and spoke to us! They handed out free copies of Senator Kerry’s book This Moment on Earth and said they appreciated us coming out,” said youth activist Geneva Boyer. “It was nice to get a such a positive r

eaction, but we’re still waiting for Kerry to promise to protect the Clean Air Act.”

Pressed for such a promise, Deputy State Director Roger Lau responded, “The Senator is working with 534 of his colleagues, with the president, and we’re not releasing any details or specifics of the plan at the moment … right now what we’re trying to do is to get the members of the Senate and the members of Congress to understand the critical need to get something done on climate change reform.”

Kerry’s aides promised to pass the group’s message to the Senator, and encouraged the participants to continue with their activism.


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