Senator Brown and Cape Wind

     Senator Brown’s reacted to yesterday’s approval of Cape Wind with the following statement: “The Cape Wind project will jeopardize industries that are vital to the Cape’s economy, such as tourism and fishing.”
     Please call Brown’s office at 617-565-3170 or 202-224-4543 and explain the following to him:
     1. Tourism will increase as people flock to the Cape to view the beautiful, stately 21st century energy producers.
     2. Fishing is being jeopardized by overfishing and climate change. PLEASE tell him to read up on ocean acidification, as he was unable to answer the simple question, “What is ocean acidification?” during his Senatorial campaign. The ocean is becoming more acidic as it absorbs carbon dioxide, emitted by our burning of fossil fuels, decreasing the ability of many marine animals to make their protective shells.

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