Time to Call Brown Again

     Yes, it’s time to call Senator Scott Brown again!

     Phone #’s: 202-224-4543 617-565-3170

      As you are probably aware, Senator Harry Reid is trying to piece together an oil spill, energy, and climate change bill that may impose a carbon emissions cap on utilities. So, in return for agreeing to this demand, the powerful utility companies are demanding roll backs on long-standing and life-saving pollution controls on soot, smog, and toxics such as mercury, currently required under Clean Air Act regulations.

     Tens of thousands of lives have been saved every year due to these pollution controls, as well as avoidance of severe illness. The Senate climate and energy bill must not be crafted to trade out air quality, signed into law by President Nixon 40 years ago. The utility companies have to no right to bargain when our health and well-being are at stake.

      Please tell Brown we citizens demand strong climate and energy legislation to keep us secure, both militarily and economically, and that we refuse to accept loop-holes in the Clean Air Act to be included in this bill.

     Also, check out this petition on change.org to Harry Reid regarding this: http://credoaction.change.org/petitions/view/urge_harry_reid_to_back_a_good_carbon_cap_on_utilities


Susan Shamel


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Ellen Cantarow on August 5, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    Is there anyone at this site who would like to form a small group to “shadow” Brown? That means going to events where he’ll be speaking, and asking critical questions – politely lambasting him in other words. I am reluctant to do this by myself but will if necessary.


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