Letter to the Globe magazine

The Boston Globe Magazine was considering publishsing my letter. In the end, it didn;t make the cut, probably because it was too profound.

To the Editor:

       “Will Scott Brown go on to become a transformational political figure?” queries the author of the “Bostonian of the Year” article.
       Senator Brown is to be commended for supporting both Democratic and Republican initiatives during the past year.  His real challenge will soon unfold as the US Congress attempts to eviscerate the science of climate change, now accepted by 97% of the world’s leading scientists. While a MA senator, Brown voted for the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA), which mandates the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in MA, and positions our state to be a leader in the development of clean energy technologies.

       Although mentioning that the Tea Party helped to propel Brown to victory, the article fails to note that the Tea Party is largely funded by the largest independent oil company in the United States, Koch Industries. The Kochs have spent many millions  spreading disinformation about the authentic science of climate change.

       Scott Brown could indeed be a transformational figure if he holds firmly to the solid science that prompted his supportive GWSA vote. He would thus create an opportunity for the entire nation to follow the path of his home state in starting an energy revolution that could propel the United States into a position of global economic leadership.

Susan Shamel
32 Page Road
Bedford, MA


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