Shadowing Brown

Wrapping an oily hand around Senator Scott Brown

August 25, 2010 – Shadowing Senator Brown in Boston

Sporting large, brown ‘oily hands,’ and carrying signs reading “Fight Climate Change Now,” a dedicated group of climate activists spent nearly two hours ‘shadowing’ US Senator Scott Brown at several fundraising events in Boston.

Four groups were involved in planning and carrying out the shadow event: 1Sky,, the Global Warming Education Network, and Paint Brown Green. Activists first gathered outside the Liberty Hotel, a former prison in Boston chanting, “Climate change victims, hear them wail; climate change deniers belong in jail!” Senator Brown was not seen entering or leaving the event.

After 45 minutes the protesters marched past the offices of both US senators Kerry and Brown to a second fundraiser, held at the Kinsale restaurant, where they chanted “Six weeks of drought, then four inches of rain; how do you like your climate change?”

Then, just as the demonstrators were told that “security had been notified,” Senator Brown approached the restaurant. Activist Susan Shamel immediately went to the senator’s side to voice her request for strong US climate legislation. Shamel and Brown spoke for nearly a minute before the senator waved to the other activists and disappeared inside.

“He was supportive of my request for legislation, but blamed democrats for not bringing appropriate legislation to the senate for a vote,” said Shamel.


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